Ode to the Millennial

Hi Blog World!

It’s been a super long time since I’ve written, but frankly I’ve found myself without words for this place. However, I have been dabbling a bit in poetry, and thought I might share one of my pieces. It’s been submitted for publication with an August 1st deadline, so who knows? Maybe I could be like a poet…or something.

So here’s a sample of some Millennial poetry, because we’re just so sensitive:

Ode to the Millennial

Entitled. Self Absorbed. Just so out of touch.

We’ve been given participation trophies too much

We text during interviews, we laze about daily

Clearly our parents were too soft on their baby.

We were told with confidence education is enough

No one mentioned two years’ experience to add resume fluff

No one mentioned a childhood cannot exist

The workforce is too competitive, so resist

The urge to relax or be still. You have to keep going

Or someone else will.

I worked hard all my life

So why shouldn’t you?

So what if I missed all your youth?

I was busy making a living, not making a life

Does reality hurt you? Cut deep with the knife

With the truth bleeding out in barcoded letters

You are simply a number,

Don’t act like you matter.


And on that happy note, have a great day! 🙂